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          聯合會薩普塔里分會會長吉滕德拉·卡德加(JitendraKhadga)呼吁支付地區發布公益廣告的費用。賈帕分會會長塔拉馬尼·薩普科塔(TaramaniSapkota)要求為聯邦、省和地方各級媒體的登記作出規定。桑加分會會長夏爾馬呼吁為新聞工作者提供獎金,讓他們在更高層次上學習新聞。聯合會秘書希泰爾·普拉薩德·馬哈托(SheetalPrasad Mahato)強調,必須使媒體在內容和參與方面具有包容性。



          Translatedby Yan Jin

          Verifiedby Fu Xiao

          KATHMANDU,Feb 18: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Parbat Gurungon Thursday said that the government has a plan to expand the internet serviceto each home, school and ward office in the country. At an interaction withjournalists at Singha Durbar, the minister said that the internet service willbe expanded to every home, school and ward level.

          Theminister also urged the bodies concerned to give suggestions on the topics tobe included from the journalism sector in the government's upcoming policiesand programs, and the budget. The minister also vowed to resolve the problemsseen in the media sector and sought suggestions for the same. "Manyimprovements along with policy reforms have to be done in the media sector. Thesuggestions from experts in the sector are needed for that," MinisterGurung, who is also the government spokesperson, said.  He expressed commitment to address the issuesfaced by journalists from the remote districts also due to the problems seen intelecommunication.

          Pointingout that Nepali journalism is also plagued by anarchy and aberration to someextent, the minister, however, said that all should not be lumped together and seenfrom the same perspective. "Questions have been raised on its credibilityand time has come for also measuring its quality," he said, making anassessment of journalism. On the occasion, president of the Federation ofNepali Journalists (FNJ), Govinda Acharya said that the FNJ has always beenfighting for the rights of the journalists and it would be doing so in thecoming days as well.  A member of theAdvertisement Board, Balaram Thapa said the problem seen in the public welfareadvertisement would be addressed on the basis of the suggestions from everydistrict.

          FNJSaptari Chapter President Jitendra Khadga called for making arrangements forthe payment of the amount given for publishing the public welfare advertisementsfrom the districts itself. FNJ Jhapa Chapter President Taramani Sapkotademanded that provisions be made for registering the media at all levels- federal,provincial and local.  FNJ SyangjaChapter president Om Prakash Sharma called for providing scholarships tojournalists to study journalism at a higher level. Secretary of the FNJ,Sheetal Prasad Mahato, stressed the need for making the media inclusive incontent and participation.

          Original Link:https://myrepublica.nagariknetwork.com/news/govt-plans-to-provide-internet-access-to-every-home-school-and-ward-office/